I did it again

I really made it through the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month. Hooray!

And while I did not publish 31 posts, but only 24, I wrote more than before. My thoughts were more focussed on “what can I share today? What theme is in the air and what is my take on it?” My goal was to publish at least 5 posts per week, I did 24 this month, so that’s great.

What also feels good and is giving me a boost to go on and share:

  • I have some new followers
  • I received comments that show me I am not alone or I learn about other people and their writing habits
  • I also started following some new blogs
  • I really enjoyed thinking about a theme for the day and sharing my thoughts
  • and for the statisticians and SEO people: I had more views than last year, when I did the UBC the last time
  • If I put something out consistently, I grow my audience – and (more important to me) it’s fun
  • I created a writing habit and will definitely carry on

What did you enjoy last month? Was there a post you liked most? If you were on the UBC – what did it change for you?

photo of a woman holding an ipad
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com


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