What’s next?

This month and the blog challenge will end tomorrow. Which made me think about how to proceed, because I enjoyed the writing and feedback. So, what will I do next?

One decision is to use NaNoWriMo to write a draft of my book – it’s not a novel, but 50,000 words are okay for many types of books, at least I was told.

My second decision is to continue here – sharing, writing, maybe four times a week, seems like a good rhythm for me. I think of sharing some stuff about un-boxing yourself, because that’s the topic of my book – living a life outside the box. Living from the inside out and being you, the real you – no matter what the others say, no matter how crazy or different you are.

Decision number three is to listen to my body – and to rest when she tells me to.

I had problems with my left knee for the last two days…and only a new balance between resting and moving helps. Okay, I use acupressure, globuli and other stuff. I feel like I am forced to rest a bit more, so I’ll try that.

It feels like the decisions alone have helped to align with my energy and set me up for a November full of beautiful surprises.



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