One of those weeks

It’s another Monday and usually I’d have my week planned by now.

This week however its  week with a public holiday on Thursday and I decided to get my work done until Wednesday night and then enjoy a long weekend.

During the last months I have very often worked on weekends and evenings, late, typical freelancer behaviour. I noticed that I never have my work done, there’s always something coming up – and I need to set boundaries, need to set a time at night, let’s say nine pm, when the “work” stops. Writing on my book is okay after this time, working on content for my clients isn’t.

Because I don’t get to do the work I really love when I am sidetracked, nor do I relax as I used to. I didn’t even knit a stitch for weeks – one of my favourite ways to relax, I love knitting.

So, this is going to change – lots of work until Wednesday night and then lots of me-time.

I already choose a nice shawl pattern to cast on and a recipe to try for a new cake. Maybe I’ll order the new Rebus by Ian Rankin, too. Time to read…

Knitting and baking helps me to relax – when I feel I can’t sit for a meditation.

It’s chilly outside, rainy, but I plan at least two long walks – also a form of meditation.

As I work long hours in front of a screen my body needs to move more. I need to stretch and move to feel good.

So I decided I give myself permission for this extra time off.

Time to breathe and relax and only do what I love.

blur book close up coffee
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