Start with Gratitude

It’s another Monday – a new work-week, a fresh start.

So, let’s start with a tool, that can change your days, weeks and even your whole life for better.

Every morning or evening – or both – write down at least three things you are grateful for. You may want to start a gratitude journal, to create a habit. Writing down, what you are grateful for creates a place of joy. It does not matter, how big or small the thing is.

It can be something, you don’t think about most of your time, like having something to eat or feeling the sun on your skin. It can be feeling alive and healthy.

For me it is that I am healthy, I am able to create and I had a great breakfast.

Being grateful for the things and people you already have in your life creates more. You feel like you are enough or have enough more easily. You don’t lack much, do you?

I mean, as long as you have a meal, a roof over our head and clear water you already have more than many people on this planet.

If you are surrounded by your family or good friends – or have a pet you love – life is really good.

We often tend to look at all the stuff we don’t have in our life, yet. We focus on lack.

Let’s choose a different perspective fro today and be grateful for all that we have right now. Let’s focus on the good things – and enjoy life even more.

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One thought on “Start with Gratitude

  1. Great post. I’m grateful to be able to wake up every morning, that I’m able to walk again (after 6 years of immense pain – finally had 2 knee replacements in 2017), and grateful for the obvious – my family and friends.

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