Food and Memories

Yesterday I had a nice day in the sunshine and forgot completely about posting. By coincidence I managed to find a merchant from Sicily who offered not only wine and amazing choices of cheese, but: cannoli.

I have never been to Sicily – I just loved reading Andrea Cammileri’s novels and his Commissario Montalbano often buys Cannoli. So this is a treat for the gourmet and reader inside me. For those of you who don’t have any idea what I’m talking about:


Some food for me is linked to childhood memories like my grandma’s salad from her garden and “Bratkartoffeln” (fried potatoes), my other grandma’s Penne with tomato sauce and minced meat.

Cheesecake – the German version – is also connected to my childhood, like apple pie – and sometimes I find comfort or drop back in time. My Granny also taught me how to cook -“no matter what you study or how intelligent you are, you need a proper meal” – and how to bake..

So, I often use baking when I feel a bit down or stuck, doing something with my hands that is comforting and nourishing. Same with cooking a meal.

What is your favourite recipe from your childhood? What gives you comfort?

Please feel free to share.

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