Writing can Change Your Life – Part Two

Yesterday I talked about the morning pages, today I want to go deeper into writing, not as a meditation, but writing as a daily habit – whether you write a blog, poems, non-fiction or a novel.

if you feel you have to get something out on paper and you are not sure, how to do it or if it will be of any worth for anybody at all, I’ll show you how the daily practice will help you do that, no matter what kind of text or book it is.

Start with small blocks of 15 minutes each day, not longer. make sure you have put the time in your diary – like an appointment with yourself – and you have your tools ready. Should you be some place else at the time, being on a train is also good, you only need a pen and paper.

After the “I need to write at my desk at home  when I am in the mood” – years (that got me nowhere), I started to do these 15-minute-blocks and I was writing anywhere, on the train, in a café, on a bench in a park, just to name a few.

You can do your 15 minutes per day first thing in the morning, after your morning pages  or before you go to sleep, during your lunch break or when you have to wait somewhere. Just start, do not wait for the perfect moment.

The perfect moment, when you feel inspired, that is a big fat lie. More about these myths and lies another time.

When you write for a fixed time each day, you have easy days where you could write for 30 minutes or longer and others, where even 15 minutes feel endless. The secret is to be persistent, even if you leave one day out – don’t beat yourself up, start again.

The secret lies in the daily ritual. If your inner artist learns that you’ll have a certain amount of time each day to listen and write it down, s/he will be with you and inspire you. Or just have a little chat and tell you what s/he wanted to tell you for ages, had you been listening.

Daily writing also means listening on a daily basis. It will give you some – surprising – insights, it will stretch your imagination, it will ask you for more.

Most of all it will help you to stay connected to your inner artist – and the world around you. If you dare to publish, if you share our words with others, in a way that’s feels good for you,  it will make you feel rich and nourished.

Try it, commit to doing it for at least 21 days – and decide afterwards.

I am sure you’ll experience something. It is different for each of us writers, but it’ll happen. Give it a try and share. We need you and your writing.


4 thoughts on “Writing can Change Your Life – Part Two

  1. So correct. We are going into NanoWriMo (National November Writing Month) where you try to write 50,000 words in a month). A book. I have never made it all the way through the month. Let’s see what is to happen this time…
    Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. Getting into the writing habit is just like any other habit you want to either break or begin — you just have to keep at it whether you want to or not. Once it becomes a habit – you’re on easy street. It also helps to use a medium you’re comfortable with. Pen, pencil, composition or spiral notebook, fancy journal, or a blog. If you enjoy using it – then you’e more likely to do it.

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