Writing can change your life – Part 1

When we undergo change, experience difficult situations or when we feel stuck ans ask for being back in the flow of life, writing is my #1 tool to use. I’ll talk about it in two parts. Today we explore how “Morning Pages”, a tool Julia Cameron invented in the “Artist’s Way”, are helpful and bring you the clarity you need.

Morning pages are three pages written by hand first thing in the morning. It’s like a meditation in writing. You write every though down, no matter how silly or dull. You write three pages and then you stop and put it away. It’s not for reading and editing and so on. Your inner critic has no say in it.

Yes, you may write down what s/he says, too. It is important to let it out like cleansing yourself first thing in the morning. It’s important to do it each day and your results will be profound if you write by hand – because of the connection to your heart.

I have written them for years – and found they always offered guidance or insight in the process. When I did not write them, I was struggling.

Once I tried to type them into a 750-word-count (that’s three pages) online form – but for me that is not working, because typing does not give me the results that handwriting does. And because the system analysed  the themes in my pages.

Take a notebook, probably best a bigger format, whether lined or blank does not matter (though I prefer blank pages) – and start writing. You may feel silly or in the mood to analyse your stuff or to over-think it. Just write three pages, stop and put the notebook away – until the next morning.

pen writing notes studying
Photo by Tookapic on Pexels.com

I noticed that my days went a lot smoother when I was writing the pages. I noticed ideas coming up or long forgotten friends saying Hi in the pages. My subconscious was at work – and after several weeks I started to trust this process.

I still remember how I felt uneasy when I started with poetry and my pages assured me, they told me it’s okay to be a poet, too.

They helped through all my ups and downs – and it’s a discipline (though I don’t like that word) I really learned to embrace and cherish.

Give it a try, it will change your life.



3 thoughts on “Writing can change your life – Part 1

  1. Yes, when I write I feel my days go a lot easier as well. It has become a mainstay in my life, whether it’s on my blog, working on my novel, working on my classes, writing and email to promote my classes, as long as I open my computer and have my paper and pen ready to write and I can say yeah I wrote today, I feel I accomplished something great that day!

  2. Oh, I’ve never heard of this ‘Morning Pages’ technique. Will give it shot. Interestingly, before I start writing another book, I tend to create/outline a storyboard framework and write the first chapter, then continue on the word processor

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