Embracing Change

Many times in life we may feel stuck, but even if we manage to get back into the flow, there’s a very common fear that may keep us from following our inner voice.

We often say we want change, that something has to change and when it really does, we don’t know how to handle it. We are afraid, it might cause problems or negative feelings.

It may help to remember that nothing stays the same in life, and we asked for change, so it’s time to take a deep breath and embrace it. In hindsight, change often ends in a way better situation for the people involved. Our problem is to trust, that “all change is good” – one of my favourite mantras. Try it, if you like.

Another mantra is one I heard from Tony Robbins on my first UPW (Unleash the Power Within) – “you grow or you die”. Yes, it sounds simple, and it is not, I know. But what choice do we have?




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