Listen to Your Body

Some of you may have notice that I didn’t post yesterday. The reason is simple: my body told me to stop and rest. I did not listen for some days and yesterday I woke with a migraine and nausea. So, no writing, just using my healing techniques and lots of sleep.

Of course I had a full to do list and absolutely no time for rest.  I felt my back and shoulders tensing up on Monday, but kept working.

Yesterday morning I woke up and had the mother of all headaches, shoulders and neck hurting like hell and my stomach, well, I was not sure if I could eat anything and keep it down.

So I did everything very slow and tried some acupressure points, some other remedies like ginger tea and went back to bed. I could even eat something at lunchtime and went back to bed again, telling myself I’ll have to surrender and let go completely. I slept very deep and slowly got better.

Today I feel almost normal, no headache, no nausea, but have decided to go slow. To listen inside, because I know I am at a point where I need to make decisions and stop reacting to others instead of doing my thing, putting myself first.

And I noticed, yesterday was a new moon – a point where you go still and meditate – and today is the World Mental Health Day. So I decided that is not a coincidence, and I am being very kind to myself today.

What is your body telling you? Are you being kind to yourself today?

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