I do like Mondays

I can still hear Bob Geldof and the Boomtowm Rats sing “I don’t like Mondays” – like a hymn of a whole generation.

(You can find it here…)

I still know a lot of people in the typical nine to five jobs – and all the talk about bad Mondays and happy weekends. Obviously Wednesday is good, too, and of course Friday is best.

I have to admit, now that I have quit my cubicle and the nine to five jobs, I sometimes work on weekends and have half a day free in midweek. Okay, you say, that’s easy, you are flexible.

I totally get that – but why do people work in jobs they really don’t like (yes, for the money, so at least look for new ways, there’s a lot more out there when you start looking) and many people moan about the damn Monday.

Look for something small you can like or love each day. If it’s not your job, you can still have a god time in your free time. You can be you – in your job and always. It is a choice – as simple as that. I did  not like my Customer Service job that much, with all the numbers and the pressure – but: I liked most of my co-workers, I loved the nice food they offered us for lunch, the funny guy who was running the canteen. I loved the way I walked each day to our office – so I enjoyed that.

You may not know, but weekdays and schedules are in fact an illusion. They were created by men. They are not natural.  Weekends of course are also am illusion.

So you can choose whether you love or hate them, whether you keep your energy and get stronger or you waste a lot of energy by moaning and complaining.

Look for something small you can feel grateful for – and write it down. Even on a day like Monday I bet you’ll find something that makes you smile and say “Thank you for being alive”.

P.S. It’s already Monday night, so don’t worry 🙂



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