Autumn is here

It’s getting really chilly in the morning and pretty cold at night. The sun is still shining most days. I feel like I want to go for long walks in nature and then spend a quiet evening with my knitting, just feeling cosy.

Yes, it’s not winter yet, but the days are getting shorter. It feels like time to retreat.

Right now the sun is shining, the sky is a really bright, clear blue, like it was in summer.

Yet you can smell autumn in the air. Most people tend to think of it as the end of the year closing in. For me, however, this season was often a new fresh start . I noticed the three jobs I started in fall, some even as late as November. I feel like something new is in the air for me. It feels like spring – just in a different way.

You can have new beginnings every day, every hour – so why not choose fall, why not today?

We often associate new things with spring – but: many new books are released in fall, because people tend to read more, obviously, in fall and winter,

In fact on of my favourite authors, Ian Rankin, has a new book coming to the book stores today.  A new Detective Rebus story and I can’t wait to get it.

In November another favourite, Lee Child, will release the new Jack Reacher novel. And while I am new to Reacher and still on Vol. 6 of the series, I am excited.

What else is exciting about autumn?

I can wear knitted socks, shawls and sweaters – and I can cast on some new projects.

Last summer it was often too hot to knit, with the yarn clinging to my fingers. Now it is the right in-between temperature and I can go for the real woolly stuff, merino, alpaca,yak.

I can also cook and bake again, two things that I not only love, but thta help me when I am stuck in one of my writing projects. Nothing helps better than cooking soup or baking a real good cake, trying something new.

So – what are you up to this fall? Please share.


autumn autumn colours autumn leaves beautiful
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