Work in progress

graffiti-745071_1280.jpgToday is a public holiday here in Germany, celebrating 28 years of our (re-) union.

So this is a quiet day rather a really big celebration. Not like the French and their “Quatorze Juillet”, celebrating a revolution. Though it was sort of a revolution that brought the two parts of Germany together in the end. Tearing down the wall, I still remember the days when it all started.

People standing up, showing up, telling the powers that were “enough is enough” or as they did on these Mondays “Wir sind das Volk” (“We are the people”). So this day reminds me of the courage and the power, of believing in a cause, and standing together, standing strong, no matter what.

It also reminds me that we need this now more than ever. When I look at the news, which I rarely do, because I feel overwhelmed and get angry, I see anger, confusion and very often politicians who only think about being re-elected and not about the people they represent.

I often wonder whether the values, our society was once built upon, like freedom (of speech) and equality, respect for each other and caring for our brothers and sisters, are vanishing bit by bit each day.

I can see people rejecting or even beating up refugees, I see the right-wing parties on the rise and I see some industry lobbies telling our government what to do. I rarely see a politician who really cares about solving the real problems If they exist, they don’t have the strongest voice.

So it’s a time where we as people need to stand together, stand strong for each other. Caring for those who can’t do so by themselves and sharing our wealth, being kind to each other is one way. Telling our government that we are not happy and we are no longer victims or being bullied is another way.

It’s time to reclaim our freedom and stand strong.

Democracy is a work in progress.

P.S. I don’t write about politics usually, just once a year, on this day.



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