Choose to Create

Creativity is always a leap of faith. You're faced with a blank page, blank easel, or an empty stage..jpg

This quote from Julia, the renowned author of “The Artist’s Way”, says it all.

No matter where you are right now, just starting out or a full time artist – we all find ourselves in the same space, the same emptiness.

And that can be scary as hell. What if I can’t find the words this time? What if inspiration does not come? What if the canvas remains white – or the stage empty, without any spoken word? What if our inner critic is right and we are too old, too stupid, too young – or whatever this voice tells us?

The only way to stop our inner critic is to trust – in life, in the universal power( call it God if you like), that created the whole Universe and is creating through us.

The only thing that helps me personally is to ask my Tao “show me, let it come though”. When I start I empty myself and start writing, listening inside. It’s hard to put in words – and sometimes I write a text and have no idea where it came from.

I just start with something easy like writing down how I feel, all the doubts and all the bullshit my inner critic tell me, and as I continue, the tone changes and I write like I have never done before. I am in a state of flow, that’s how the experts call it, and I know I am writing a deep truth.

It starts with the trust in this Higher Power inside, it starts with asking for its help, emptying and being sort of a vessel.

It starts with a leap of faith and I don’t know any other way.

You just jump – and the net is always there.



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