31 Days of Blogging

flat lay photography of calendar
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It starts today, it’s called the Ultimate Blog Challenge and yes, it’s a real challenge.

I have done it before, I have written 31 days in a row and published it. It felt great. I also had the usual mid-project slump where I had to push through. I had days with no idea at all what I could write about.

Yes, you’ll receive mails with prompts, if you are registered with the official UBC, but sometimes they just didn’t resonate or help me. Which is also completely normal.

So, this time I’ll plan a bit in advance, with enough space left for spontaneous sparks of brilliance.

My first step is brainstorming, in the form of a mind-map, with pens in several colours and a large piece of paper, so I can add and or change ideas easily over the next weeks. Because planning sparks other ideas and often better ones.

Then I start grouping some ideas to themes, like for instance autumn, creativity, writing, photography, knitting and so on. I go looking for pictures and quotes that fit my themes.

Many times an interesting quote inspires a whole new blog post.

After that I print out a sheet for the month and put my ideas on colourful post-its.

Now the real fun starts with putting themes and titles to the dates and schedule some writing time.

This Wednesday for example we have a public holiday over here, so I’ll have a bit more time – I plan to write several posts and schedule them.

Because I know after several Blog Challenges that I may find myself one evening and – having completely forgotten about the UBC – I panic about my posts. If I prepare my posts in batches, I can avoid that stress – or at least try.

So, this is my way to plan and prepare for the challenge. Any questions?

Feel free to ask and stay tuned for more to come.

2 thoughts on “31 Days of Blogging

  1. Wow, Sabine, you are so organised! I had forgotten the value of Mind-Maps – thanks for the reminder. Good luck with the rest of the Challenge.

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