It’s That Time Again

…when you look at your calendar and realize, it’s November already, close to the end of November…

Christmas is coming…it’s coming faster ever year. That’s how I feel it at least.

I always feel a bit less relaxed than I usually am – but: I have a cure for it.

For the last two years I have run my “24 Days to Christmas”- course – and you guys loved it.


24 days

So I’ll be doing it again, to help you (and myself) enjoy this time of the year, relax a bit more each day and have fun.

Each day from December 1 you’ll receive an email with a tool, a story or an exercise to make your day more joyful, you relax a bit more and the whole X-mas thingy more fun. It only takes 5 minutes – and it works.

In addition to that you’ll get an audio meditation on day 1 to set an intention for the whole 24 days. We’ll also have a private Facebook group, which you can join if you want to chat and share and ask questions…and whatever else you like.

We may even have a Facebook live session – no date fixed yet.

It’s free and it’s fun – what are you waiting for?

Sign up right now – it’s here:




One thought on “It’s That Time Again

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