Trust your inner voice

Now she’s writing about something I am not sure about you may think.

My inner voice, how do I recognize, how do I know it’s really my true inner voice and not some bullshit, some sort of hallucination?

How do I know if I can trust the wisdom it is offering me? How do I know I’m not making this stuff up?

It’s so very loud in our world, how are we supposed to hear that tiny, soft voice inside?

Don_t let the noise of others_ opinions drown out your own inner voice._

We have to dim the noise, put away our mobiles, stop sitting in front of the TV set watching horrible news and all the loud stuff that’s happening outside of us.

We have to lean in, drop back (Taoist technique, if you want I’ll share it soon) and listen. Sit and listen.

We are so used to doing things that we don’t know how to just be – to be us, be enough – and listen.

It seems so difficult to just sit and breathe naturally. Your mind will almost immediately try to make some noise, to talk you senseless, to get you to work.

The small and soft voice inside of you will not be heard then. Again.

Thankfully, our inner voice is patient, is not giving up on us, it’s always there and waits for you to sit, ask and listen.

If you know how to meditate that really helps. There are lots of different forms, maybe you ‘d like to try some to find your own, the one that fits perfectly.

Or you could just take five minutes, for a start, and sit and breathe, counting breaths and letting your thoughts float around, like passing clouds.

Five minutes a day is not much, it will help you though to get back in touch with your inner voice.

Give it a try and look what happens.

You can feel if it’s your inner voice or wishful thinking: your inner voice is soft and calm, never talking too loud, never pushing you. It’s more like a very soft nudge…

And it will take some time until you know – you can usually feel it in your body first. The knowing, that the wisdom comes from a place within.

Give it a try, go with it and feel.



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