Being Kind

Being kind to others is probably something you have been taught as long as you can remember.

Smile at people, be polite and open doors, help them, listen, encourage them.

This is all fine and something that our society seems to need more than ever.

I have done some random acts of kindness myself – it’s such a joy to be kind and loving to the people around you, or even to complete strangers. Joy spreads and comes back from many places.

What nobody usually teaches us is how to be kind to ourselves.

How to listen to our bodies, to our heart and know when it’s enough, when self-care and kindness are much needed.

When was the last time you did something, however small, just for you?

When did you take some time, 15 minutes may be enough to start with, just for yourself?

Or are you constantly pushing, doing more for family and friends than you really want?

You can be kind to others (including your family members) when you are kind to yourself, when you nourish yourself enough.

You can’t empty yourself all the time, you need re-charging. No matter what ohers expect you to do…stop..take a time out and feel.

Let your body tell you what it needs…and if that feels difficult in the beginning because you stopped talking to your body a while ago, here’s my self-care list:

  • go for a walk in nature, even 15 minutes will do
  • sit and breathe, listen inside, eyes closed, relaxed
  • dance to my favourite music
  • have a hot shower or bath
  • sleep and/or stay in bed the whole day, best done on weekends
  • meditate
  • do Qi Gong and relax  deeply
  • and and and

I guess you get it by now and will find your own favourite self-care ritual.

Don’t postpone it, do it now, give it a try.

Paolo Coelho is right, isn’t he?

Coelho blog.jpg



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