Passing Clouds


Today I feel exhausted somehow, not as well or energetic as usual.

I had a very stressful day yesterday – but enough sleep.

I have no idea where the sadness and exhaustion come from…did my Qi Gong practice, felt a bit better and then this feeling returned, clouding my day.

So I decided to sit with it and breathe, allowing it to be – knowing that it will pass like clouds, shifting shape and dissolve.

I feel a bit lighter now, and I try to hold on to my experience of Yin and Yang, dark and light.

It’s always darkest before dawn they say…so sitting here and feeling, being with the clouds. Just for today.

One thought on “Passing Clouds

  1. I go through similar patterns. I like to blame the weather alot. 🙂 But seriously the shortening of daylight is a problem for me so I try to be kinder to myself .


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