Today I still feel I ‘m not in the mood to write. I am feeling resistance….

I am participating in a visibility challenge and that brings up so many things, lots of old stuff…so I was procrastinating, waiting for the right mood and saw this quote:

Most artists procrastinate out of fear, or because they wait for the “right mood” in order to work. But any mood is the right mood to begin.

– Julia Cameron

Now I’m sitting here writing – Julia is right, waiting for the “right” mood does not help.

Running round in circles does not help either.

So I did my video for the challenge, and while it’s uploading I’m sitting here with my blog. Thinking about habits, more writing.

I remember one time in my life when I have written a lot, had fun and clarity and lots of change.

It was when I was doing the Artist’s way and writing my Morning Pages. These three handwritten pages each morning, before doing anything – they centered me, it felt like a meditation and the practice helped me get clear.

Pattern were showing, I had lots of synchronicity happening, like the Universe /Tao showing me, that it’s helping me along the way.

So, I’ll start that again, from tomorrow morning on – three handwritten (because it connects you to your heart) pages, letting everything out, getting in the flow again.

Stay tuned, I’ll share what’s – hopefully . going to happen.



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