Being visible

Today I want to share something with you that made me very happy.

For some years now I have wanted to help people, to share my story and experience – and was scared to death by having to be visible.

On the outside I ‘ve always taken a stand, I thought I was visible…well, when I was younger I was just wearing my best mask – and only close friends were allowed to see me. The real me.

Over the past few weeks I started to plan my future, to plan online workshops, I re-started blogging and I worked with some new tools, worked with my shadow.

I started to feel better and found people challenging me to show up, to show myself with my writing, with a video (thankyou Esther and Lita!) – I went for it, through the resistance, gentle, wobbly, taking extra good care of myself.

Turns out it’s getting easier with every step, it feels light, free, easy.

People see me – the true me – and like me. The feedback so far has blown my expectations.

No need to be so scared anymore. It’s liberating, no need to hide.

I gave myself permission to be me and to be visible. It’s okay – and it’s okay for you, too, if you want.

P.S. that’s how I look when I feel light and happy




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