Hoisting the Sails

ship port safe

I don’t even remember when I first heard that quote, nor who it was that said it.

It’s a perfect description for the things I felt today.

I know where I want to go, what I want to do (e.g. write my book, coach people, do some cool online programmes and connect), I don’t know how, that does not matter, it will come – still I was procrastinating a lot … was waiting…

It scares me – yes – it does. But the one thing that scares me so much more is staying where I am right now. It may be comfortable, but not where I want to be.

I know I have to move forward – so I set the intention today and I do share it with you.

The coming weeks will be filled with writing, publishing, getting in touch with those who can help me on my way….I will re-connect and move forward, one step at a time, but forward.

I’ll share it with you, folks – because you are important, you are my readers, my sounding board, my people.

I’m off now – letting go, taking off and fly with the wind.





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