3 Things When You Feel Overwhelmed

Yesterday I wrote about just being.

Some of you wrote back to say how hard that can be if you don’t know how to do it.

Here are three things, I do when I have to deal with feeling overwhelmed:

  1. take a time-out (if possible)
  2. feel it and breathe
  3. let it out and relax

Take a time-out: this may not always be possible. When you are in the middle of feeling overwhelmed, everything just is too much.

So a little time-out, I’m talking 5-10 minutes here will take you out of this situation, give you some air to breathe and the opportuniry to take a step back and look at your situation.

During that time out, sit down, put a hand on your chest and breathe. Just notice your breath. Close your eyes if you like and do this for three to seven breaths.

Calm down and listen – not to your busy brain – listen to your body, this may take some time to gte used to. I’ll share some techniques I use during the next days.

The third thing is letting it all out, all the tasks and to-dos, the stress with yourkids maybe, the running around in life and in your head – take a deep breath in, deep into your belly, and let it out with a sound like “aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh” or a deep sigh.

What I use when I feel like this is writing a list with two columns:

the left one is “things I will do” and the second is “things I hand over to the Universe/the Tao/God” – it seems a bit strange first. Give it a try – see how it works for you.

Take care – and relax.


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