Yin Week…

…how to let your female aspect lead the way.


Today one of  my Facebook friends posted a motivational screensaver – as much as I love  motivational quotes and moving towards our goals (not forward, more in circles) it triggered a strong resistance I didn’t expect.

It says: “Stop pissing about and do something you’ll be proud of” – I thought NO WAY!

I don’t need this any longer! F*ck it!

It felt like another slave-driving, pushing to success thingy. That’s not how I feel today, how I feel this week.

I’ve been the pushy one, the Yang-type when I studied electrical engineering, a completely male-dominated area in the eighties and nineties. It took me years to see how I was mostly using my male part, wearing a mask, feeling lonely behind it, being scared, yes, the whole thing made me acceptable, even successful – it was not the real me though.

It took me years of inner work to soften again, to get in touch with the female part, that the Taoists call Yin.  This is a work in progress and this week the theme seems to be vulnerability, seems to be opening up and showing more of the so-called weak parts.

Today I noticed four other posts in my Facebook feed, all about vulnerability, feeling fragile, being loving and kind. I felt seen and heard and loved somehow across the world wide web. I felt I can finally let go and be me a bit more.

Being like this does not mean to never use the male aspect – I know how to do that when I need to, I have times where a Yang wave hits and I try to go with it, too. I’m used to it, because our society is so very much Yang. Maybe that’s why today’s posts triggered responses from women about being strong, not fragile. Maybe we still think we have to push, show how strong and bad-ass we are, qualities that are “good” and not being weak, fragile, soft. How can we be whole if we don’t give us permission to show up with all that we are, no matter what?

I love my Yin-days, being soft, loving myself when I feel scared, listening to my body, knowing when I need to treat myself with even more kindness ( and more sleep or dark chocolate).

Being in acceptance and loving it all – that’s something I feel good about.

That’s something I care deeply about. Let me know what you think and feel, I’d love to hear from you.





One thought on “Yin Week…

  1. Loved this article and I think I needed to read this to be kind to my Yin side today. We try too hard to stay afloat in a male dominated world n suppress a lot of our softness to appear strong.

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