Bumbling Along

..like the fool.

If you know the Tarot card, you may see what I mean. (If not, you’ll see it too, I guess)

The Fool is not foolish, he’s willing to learn, to move forward and make a fool out of her or him.

Being like this he’s giving the people he meets permission to be a bit more like him, too. Stumbling, falling, failing is okay, it’s part of life.

Bumbling along, falling, getting up again…learning,  but most of all: never giving up, trying to enjoy the process and loving the way.

That’s not as easy as it may sound. I tend to beat myself up, like most people instead of loving the one being I am.

We all know these situations

  • you start a new project with the best intentions only to make one of the mistakes from your last job
  • you think you know how to handle it when your partner or parent pushes your buttons – but you explode again, like you stopped thinking when  they insulted you
  • you have a budget (at last, after x attempts) and catch ourself over-spending again
  • and many more…

Telling myself I’m stupid or I should have known better does not help.

The only thing that helps is being kind to myself, loving myself.

Getting up, starting again.

It’s a lifelong process – whenever I reach the point where I think I a finally here, something happens and I fall again. Dusting myself off, continuing on the path – one step at a time.

It takes courage, yes, but it’s the only way for me.

How do you deal with this? Feel free to comment.


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