Door 2

Believing in opening doors as opportunities, believing that for each door that closes several new ones open,  the last months have been really hard for me.

I tried several new doors – and was using a lot of energy to open them, even if it was only a crack. Did not work this way, not this time.

Have you ever felt stuck, low, getting lazy, bored – knowing you need to get up, kick ass, do the work, move forward somehow? I certainly felt that – many doors, some not appealing (the should-open ones), some very colourful and attractive, but not opening, not even a crack.

Feeling very frustrated I stumbled along on the web and found this:

If a door doesn’t open, it’s not your door. – Jamie Catto

It hit me big time, a ton of weight dropping from my shoulders.

I guess his simple statement on Facebook wasn’t meant to be dramatic – I just realized that I may have been pushing and working hard to open a door, which is not mine, never was.

Feeling that doors are playing such a big role in life – I thought about it, and how I often tried the wrong ones.

Mostly when I was listening to other people:

  • you should (!) really do this
  • you can only try so many doors before they close
  • you have already chosen your one and only (!) door

Words like “should” and “one and only” are like red flags to me.

There are no shoulds in life, not in my life anymore – a should means somebody else has decided what you should/can do – not what is fun, what you love or what your heart yearns for. Shoulds are limiting, cutting you off possibilities.

One and only is another sign, like in “one and only lover/partner or in one and only choice” – this huge Universe offers so much, limitless opportunities – which may overwhelm you at times – but: there’s no “one and only”.

There are as many doors as you like to try, in different colours, different styles.

Don’t be fooled by appearances. Ask your heart, listen and then choose.

You are allowed to open one and close it, if it does not fit. Or you walk through it and after a while you decide to close it and try a new one.

When one door closes, there’s more than one new door to open.

If the door does not even budge or open a crack – let go! This is important!

Stop banging on that door – another door might open with less pushing – smooth and easy.

Door 1



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