Living dangerously

Today I was thinking a lot about this quote by Thomas Jefferson:

I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.

It had landed in my inbox yesterday, part of a mail about being your own boss, running your own business.

I have had both things in my life:  nice jobs where I didn’t have to think, or was not allowed to think outside the box. While many people told me I should be happy to be in a job – I was very unhappy and bored most of the time .

Jobs were I was allowed to think – that I ‘ve experienced, too.

The thing is – this safety and security people speak of felt like a prison. Security being an illusion anyway, I could not see why I should give up my dreams and do what other people tell me.

Being chained to a cubicle from nine to five is not my thing! Routine bores me tto death!

So I started looking for ideas, for the things I’d love to work on, for my own business.

When I lost my last job in September 2016 I was urged, again, by the job agency, to apply for similar jobs.

It turned out very quickly that they did not want me anymore, even if I was interviewed and liked the place, they often criticized me for having had many different jobs (from selling books to IT support and trainer to Financial Consulting), for my freelance experience and so on. Obviously I didn’t fit in their box anymore.

Time to do my own thing, to go for my adventure, to start writing and coaching. Long story short: I went for it, asked for financial aid, filled in lots of forms, talked to my tax consultant and got started.

It is a wild ride, juggling money, ideas and time. Being visible as the person I truly am and not playing a role. For years that was a real challenge. Now it feels so good to know that everything is my decision to make.

No matter how it turns out, I decide – and no matter what, I found I love that.

Juggling bills and money, trusting it will work out. Does not sound fun, so I played a bit and discovered a lot of my beliefs about money and how it should be are not even mine – I’ve learnt them from my parents and family.

Creating and market my stuff, that ‘ll be a lot of work – it does not feel like work though.

No matter how this all turns out – it’s an adventure worth living. If that’s living dangerously – I’m in!

P.S. all I’ve written is purely my experience -it may resonate or not. It’s not my intention to offend employees and their lifestyle – if you’re happy, do it. If not, try something new – that’s what I did and we’ll see where it leads me…






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