Starting again

I am here, writing – I have missed this very much. Still I needed a little kick to start anew.

Today is the first day of July’s Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) – and I’m game.

I’ll post every day – that’s the plan.

So many things have changed since my last post – it feels good to be here and share again.

Some of you may know I finally started my own coaching business in April, filling in lots of forms, setting up a structure, doing all the buerocracy stuff (necessary, didn’t like it much, done!)

Now that it’s done I have more time to create , to play with my ideas for trainings and a book, to play around – and create new content for you.

So stay tuned for the things I am going to share – about my trainings, about my challenges & tools, about the Taoist stuff where I am going a bit deeper each day.

About the blocks and stepping stones, the adventure and the joy.

See you tomorrow !



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