A Radical Approach

Yesterday was Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year.

It is calculated by a “non-scientific” formula – and since 2005 it’s usually the third Monday in January.

Depression in growing in numbers, more and more people feeling depressed or diagnosed with it. I remember being a bit exhausted last year, after a series of events in my personal life. Feeling tired, yet optimistic as always…my GP diagnosed depression and suggested therapy. Do you know how long one has to wait for a therapy session? Six months average – here in Germany.

So I tried some tools I had used before as a coach – on myself. I continued doing QiGong and Taoist mediation. Over time I got better.

My most amazing teacher , Barefoot Doctor, started to write some things about depression last week.

You can read them here:



Yesterday he sent the first of five audios with his radical and very different approach to depression. I have to share this – I believe it’s helpful.


Let me know what you think – even if it goes against this. Let’s talk about it.

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