How To Make It Happen- Part II

For everyone who read the first part…and thought, it was too short.

I apologize for being late – lots of change this weekend.

The first part is about visualizing and you can try each one or invent a way for yourself.

Visualizing is not the only thing, visualizing alone might help you be optimistic and relax.

The second part of making things happen is – as you may guess- taking action.

You won’t reach your goals by just sitting there in meditation and imagining it.

What happens after visualizing is, you’ll get hunches what to do, where to go, whom to ask – don’t doubt that soft inner voice.

Don’t think too much – just do something, no matter how small. Act on these impulses.

You’ll be surprised what shoes up – most of the time different to what you wanted and most of the time much better.

What also comes up when you try to manifest, let’s say money or health, are all the un-rresolved issues around it, like more bills, more obstacles.

It’s important to keep going when this happens. This is normal. The energy will change – just keep going. Do something small in the direction you want to move – and the Universe (or Tao) will do the rest.

Have a Happy Sunday 🙂




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