How To Make It Happen

Yesterday I wrote about asking yourself some questions to get a sense of the experience you want for the year ahead.

Today we’ll talk about visualizing or magnetizing your goals so you create the life you want, the year you want.

For all these techniques it’s essential that you use them, and then let go of expectations.

You are happy and joyful if you get what you want or not.

I have used three ways to create new things and situations – and lots of surprises in my life.

  • The vision board

You take a big piece of paper or cardboard, lots of magazines and catalogues – and you need 20-30 minutes to yourself.

Think of you goals and cut or grab pictures out of the catalogues and magazines…just do that as fast as you can., don’t think…after a while, when you haveenoug pictures that symbolize your year ahead, start arranging them and put them on the big cardboard.

Put the vision board where you can see it every day. Not necessarily where somebody else can see it.


  • Your symbol:

Just think of your year ahead and ask you subconscious to come up with a symbol. Take the first one that omes to mind. Again, don’t think or analyze it.

Use a picture or – if the symbol is something you have like a ring if you want to get married next year or a 100-dollar-bill if you want wealth – you get it. Put it where you can see it very often.

  • the Taoist Way (short version)

Fot the other two ways you are visualizing specific outcomes. This is different. Relax your body, slow your breathng down – get into a meditation.

Draw your mind back into your midbrain, lean back into your back and visualize in the void behind your eyes how you want to feel during the coming year. See yourself some time ahead and set your intention in a broad way this time. I’d say “I want the year to unfold with supreme elegance and magnificence. For me to be healthy and strong, filled with joy and love, feeling creaticve and abundant….” – you can make up your own intention.

Watch your future self smile and move into it, into you body – feel how your future self feels and smile. Agree to it. Slowly return to the everyday state – knowing all is well.


These three are just examples. For the last one I’d recommend your favourite way of meditation, if you’re not familiar with Taoist meditation.

It’s very important to play with what worksd for you – and to let go. Whatever manifests for you – enjoy each days. Most of the time things show up differently than you imagined -. be open and enjoy!


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