How to handle Mondays

It’s Monday – and I realized how many people are sad on Mondays.

It’s for most of us the beginning of a new workweek – and obviously we don’t love what we do, don’t we?

I remember being a consultant, I loved the job and the guys I worked with – we had a meeting each Monday morning at ten am. and I was always there early, eager to start, to use it to empower me even more and go out and acquire new clients.

I also remember working in customer service – and not loving Monday anymore. Simply because we had the highest numbers of callers on Mondays – and the craziest. The sick rate was high, we were too few people, so yes, I didn’t like it. I was always exhausted after a Monday shift.

One day I decided to change this. A friend wrote about time and how the workweek is nothing fixed, just something people invented, like the weekdays and the weekend.

So I am allowed to have fun on a Monday. As soon as I changed this internally I found ways to make my workdays more joyful.

Here are some ideas:

  • get up a bit earlier and do something for your body, like Tai Chi or Pilates
  • do your biggest task first thing in the morning
  • put empowering images on your workspace
  • smile at your coworkers (simple yet effective)
  • reward yourself with me – time

Be creative, invent some ways that make you feel good !

Life is too short to only happen on weekends!




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