Old Stuff and how to handle it

Do you know that feeling when you try to manifest something new or decide to go for what you really love – and the next thing you notice is “old stuff” meaning feelings, people, situations turn up.

Like a huge wave – they’re all here showing up, blocking your sight, tearing you down if you let them.

Try to manifest money and all the old bills, debts, show up, all the feelings about money, your old patterns – they’re here to be solved, once and for all. Same with jobs, relationships, health.

This old stuff is a sign for the energy moving in the direction of your goal.

Let’s look at some ways to handle it:

  • you can ignore it: not very helpful, believe me. These patterns and energies will come back, until you have accepted and resolved them.
  • look at them: yes, take a clear look and accept what you see, no matter if dark or light, as a part of your sphere. Acceptance is the first step to change.
  • the next step can be to dissolve them in the light, to love them and learn what they’ re trying to show you. It can feel like embracing your shadow. Debbie Ford’s books and shadow work can help you with that.
  • or you can try your own version of handling them and share it with me.

Have a joyful weekend, no matter what!


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