Winter Solstice

Today is the day – it’s Winter Solstice.

The longest night with the promise of longer days and more light to come.

For ages humans have been celebrating this day, for thousands of years, so much longer than Christmas – the return of the light, the year coming to an end, time to gather and light a fire.

This celebration is very old. It’s somehow ingrained in our collective memory.

So take some time today, even if it’s only 15 or 30 minutes and withdraw from the Christmas buzz or the end-of-year-busy-ness.

Today is a day for introspection, for meditation and rituals.

Light a candle and meditate. Maybe blow it out again and thank the darkness, too.

Without darkness how would you notice the light? It’s like a dance of Yin and Yang, as the Taoists see it.

Sit in silence and connect to your inner light.

Feed the birds outside, share food with the animals. Go for a walk and connect to nature.

Feel the joy of being here, being alive right now – celebrate!

Merry Solstice!

P.S. here’s a worldwide Solstice meditation:

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