Adventurous Women


  • an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks
  • the encountering of risks
  • an exciting or remarkable experience

Adventure is the theme right now, for me and many other women, as I perceive it.
Adventure, entering the unknown, on a daily basis.
Adventure means many things, it’s not “one size fits all”, it’s different for each person.
Though the definition says danger and unknown risks, you don’t have to take huge risks to live adventurously.
Adventure means keeping your mind open, jumping into new possibilities, the willingness to try, to jump into the unknown. Be playful, colourful, different.
Adventure also means living each day like the ultimate adventure it is – life is short, life is precious – enjoy every minute, love every second, no matter what.
I may not travel the world and cross unknown jungles or deserts each day.
That’s not necessary to enjoy this lifelong adventure. It’s the spirit that makes it count.
I remember my first trip to the US, to New York City, on my own – I thought for one second “oh, you are crazy” when we crossed the ocean. Then it was so much fun, exploring the city, so many new sights,  learning how to handle a new situation – easier than I thought.
My adventures started in my thirties, with that feeling „there has to be more“, with me not knowing where to go, but going anyway.
My first (and only) tattoo, my first firewalk – I did what felt good for me.
I took singing lessons, I helped with shooting a short film, I wrote screenplays and poems.
I didn’t force these things, most of them came along as I moved forward.
When I was made redundant as IT trainer I got three months off with full pay – on my first free weekend after this shock, a friend asked if I’d be interested being script and continuity for a short film project. This was work and fun just the way I loved. An adventure.
Looking at my life so far I can see that it became easier when I stopped to try to fit in, to lead a „normal“ life.
Yes, many people don’t understand how I can still change jobs or leave relationships at an age where I should be „settled“. That’s just not me – one day not so long ago I realized that I was trying to fulfill the expectations of others, not mine.
Since then it’s not all smooth sailing, it’s not always easy – but: it’s the life I choose.



So, what is “Adventurous Women” – my new project – about?
Being fifty-one now and still excited about this adventure of life I noticed that many women over 40 are starting new adventures or never stopped living adventurous.
Adventures are not for younger women only – they never stop, unless you do.
One of my role models, Lousie Hay, turned 90 in October and still creates every day.
Adventurous Women offers tools, tips, coaching, interviews with role-models and a place to share, inspire and create. It’s a work in progress – like I am.
My intention is to empower you and have fun, to create a place where we can be connected to each other and the source of all that is.
The “Adventurous Women” website will launch soon – to give you a taste you can get my
„7 tools to create an adventurous life“ for free.

Sign up here:
and you’ll receive seven emails with easy-to-apply tools to get you going, and will be among the first to know when the new site goes live.
Stay tuned – more adventures to come soon.

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