Being in The Gap and Loving It

My situation at the moment is what I’d call a gap-situation.

My last job ended a month ago – and although I am working on ideas and projects I still haven’t got a new job, meaning a new “nine to five” job, like everyone seems to think I should. (There are no shoulds in life..but that’s another post, coming soon)

I moved to my Mum’s house after Dad died – to help declutter and sell the house – no decision made so far, because Mum feels she does not know yet what she wants. I have no idea if she’ll ever know, so I have to trust life.

I feel like being in-between, being in this zone where I am awake and alert, yet feel like time is standing still.

I know that pushing the river, the flow of life, won’t work now.

Working on my creative projects, writing, all these projects get me through my days, give me perspective.

I have a feeling like free-lancing or starting my own business is the way, no matter what.

So I am working and planning anyway, reading books like “Screw Work Break Free” or “Fuck It Do What You Love” helps.

I am not alone on my way – each day I notice more people going for what they love instead of the “normal” job.

Being in the gap means I have limitless possibilities ahead if I remain open, I have just to remain open-minded and open-hearted. I have to relax into the gap.

For that I am practicing the Taoist meditation and QiGong I learned from Barefoot Doctor – it really works.

I should feel stressed or under pressure to push out of this – and I simply don’t. I am not lazy, I am just doing different work – work I love.

I trust that this situation like others before will resolve in the most elegant way – maybe not the way I want, maybe much better.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I know many people are in situations like this right now, in between jobs or just in situations where they feel stuck.

Trust, relax – and it will turn out better than you ever imagined.

P.S. if you want to share your “gap”-experiences – I’d love to hear them.


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