Here we go again

October 1, 2016 – a new start.

A new start to revive my blog and create a habit of writing.

The start of the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) – you write a post each day,  for 31 days.

I’ve done this UBC twice so far – so here I am again, after some turbulences, after life – and death  – got in the way.

I am not my real self when I am not writing, I am not ME – if that makes sense.

I drive myself – and my family, friends – crazy. I am nervous, I am feeling out of order, even sick.

Writing centers me, writing makes me happy, makes me confident in moving forward.

Writing provides a much needed clarity as well as focus.

So stay tuned for 30 more posts to come and let me know what habits you’d like to create, what would be a challenge for you?


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