Every day it is getting easier for me to start again.

I remember that very often so far September 1 marked a new job, new opportunities.

This year I’ll be free again, my contract is not renewed and I am quite happy to embrace this vchange and move forward not knowing yet what I’ll do.

For others it may be springtime – for me it’s the end of summer that brings new choices.

Like in 2001 when the decision was made for me, out of the blue, restructuring of the training team – and I was without the work I loved.

After some really hard days of fighting, denial – I finally decided to let go – and along came the opportunity to help friends with their low-budget-shortfilm. I never looked back.

I met new people, who are still friends. I mad totaly new experiences like shooting at night on an old cemetery. I worked and had fun. I enjoyed being alive.

We do not need such big events in our lives. we can choose every single day.

Every single moment we have a choice – and very often we just choose not to change.

Not to go for a new job, for a new relationship.

Not to take our heart and jump.

We then feel stuck or a bit bored or feel this yearning inside, this little voice asking “is this it? I am sure there’s more..”

Sometimes you need some small steps, a little change, new ways to work, new people in our lives – sometimes you simply have to trust and jump.

What will it be for you this week?



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