Being Kind to Yourself

With all that’s going on right now – in Nice, Turkey and many other places on our planet – it’s easy to be drawn into the “outside” drama. it’s easy to watch,  doubt,  question and loose faith in humanity.

It’s easy when you listen to the media and watch the news a lot.

On the other hand, if you withdraw from the TV and do something for yourself, something nice, that makes you and those around you feel good – this feeling will transform the atmosphere around you – and the people you meet.

So stop looking at outside events and retreat for a while each day.

Do something you love like singing or writing or walking in nature.

Play with you children, cook a healthy meal, listen to music you love, dance.

Just be kind to yourself – take time to be grateful for what you have anbd focus on the positive aspects of your life.

Create something you love – enjoy being here.



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