My Dream Beyond the Laptop Lifestyle


This is my very last-minute post for Judith’s and Nicola’s blog competition. I have no idea how many words I used, this is what came out while writing freely, saying F*ck it! to most well planned things and just doing it !

I always dreamt of being able to work and travel, to be a writer and live in the countryside, preferrably South-France, and big cities like New York,when I like. To work on my own terms, be an artist, sing and produce my music, to write not only my songs but books and poetry.

I ‘ve been dreaming this dream long before laptops were invented. When I was in my teens, sitting under a tree in my Granny’s huge garden, where I loved to dream and enjoy most summers.

Over the years I left school and Granny’s garden, studied electronical engineering (because art rt music would have been too crazy, that’s what I was told), even finished it.

Then I never worked in this job, I did multiple jobs and always created something on the side – whether I wrote poems, dipped a toe into method acting, learned how to write screenplays and with a group of my new friends we made low-budget shortfilms.

I had jobs to pay the rent – and even when I loved parts of it, that yearning never left me.

The yearning for a sunny life, for a home on the beach, another home in a city – different countries,. different languages.

When I read John Williams’ book „Screw Work Let’s Play“ it rekindled my spark. I was not alone, out there were my fellows, people who lived the way I wanted to.

I discovered „The Fuck It Life“ in 2010- another John (C. Parkin) and my playful mode took over whenever I had a minute to spare.

One day John (Parkin) sent me an email about this friend of his who was teaching a technique how to manifest – and I watched my first video with Barefoot Doctor, not knowing then what impact this guy would have on my (dream) life. I only discovered that two and a half years later when I started to learn this “Taoist stuff”.

On my journey through various „good-enough-jobs“ I was mostly bored and between two jobs I went to a four-day Tony Robbins seminar in 2002 – „Date with Destiny“ – what a promise (and he delivered!!!)

These four days changed my life – I was good at coaching my teammates and I loved it. I met people from all over the planet and I loved that, too. The whole workshop was in English and I didn’t need trasnlation. I was part of an international team – and guess what: I enjoyed it!

Back in Germany I tried to find a coach training that was not the typical business coaching, not NLP only. It took me seven years to muster the courage for a year of coaching training in Bavaria, near Rosenheim.

I was attracted by the coaching team and blown away by the intensity. That’s what I wanted. Instigating change, see that spark in epople’s eyes when they realized they could do whatever they want to.

What I didn’t like was the „you need to coach one-to-one only and look them into their eyes“ – I liked that, but I wanted to coach people from everywhere – and I am a big fan of the interwebs and anything online. I suppose that’s from my job with AOL in the late nineties. So I looked for online weminars and how to learn that.

More research, many more books and online tools later I did my first 30-day-challenge with John Williams and many motivated people creating our play projects. Mine was a script for a poetry shortfilm.

Why is this so important? Because one of the coaches was Judith Morgan and I really liked her style. (must be serendipity that the first thing I found on her website was an interview with the Barefoot Doctor)

We share the same Wealth Dynamics profile – we’re both creators, we are both born in the same star sign – and this time it took me only 18 months to join her coaching group. To share my ideas and take steps towards my dream life.

So, now, after a year of personal drama with my Dad and his dementia, his unexpected death last December, and my job contract ending on August 31, my stuff in storage, it looks like the opportunity is there. I feel open, excited and scared – I am writing this post to get clear and find my courage to take the next step.

I know I need to build my own business, to jump into freelancing again, like I did in my forties – I loved it, even the downs.

Everything has it’s yin and yang aspect – that’s what I learned from Barefoot Doctor and with him as teacher and role model (travelling the planet as we speak, with several laptops), I think it’s my time to jump.

I am a mix of practical planning type, that’s the engineer part – and woo woo, that’s the woman who learned Huna and Taoist Manifesting Magic.

That’s what my teachers reflect and I think now is my time to take my laptop and say „Screw Work, Fuck It – lets play. CHI!“




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