My Daily Taoist Practice…

…and how it changed my life – or my perception of it.

Two years ago I started on a journey – curious, exploring – with no idea where it would lead me.

Me, who had said no to everything that came from China, never tried that stuff, never liked the teachers, and never thought I’d be able to do it for more than three weeks.

I was at a point in my life where I had tried lots of coaching and spiritual practice. I had learned Huna, Yoga, meditation, I did all this stuff, but not every day and not for long. Always ready to move on…

I knew what I wanted and I had no idea how to get there – so I asked the Universe to show me and promised I’d go for it. I surrendered.

Five minutes later I received an email from Barefoot Doctor, the weekly one, which I had been reading for two years, because I liked his writing and his humour.

It was an invitation to an Online Satsang – about magic and money. I thought I needed money to improve my situation, so I booked my place.

I got the Taoist meditation the first time, I fell into my back (inside) and I loved this feeling. This was it, I needed this – the stillness, the energy, the joy.

I did a few Satsangs and felt better every time. Now I wanted to feel good not only on Sundays – so when he opened his School for Warriors program, I took it.

My mind was still questioning the daily practice – but Barefoot told us to only do it for 6 minutes a day and then stop. He was the first teacher that didn’t ask for 30 minutes, once or twice a day. 6 minutes where do-able – and the trick was working.

Two weeks into School for Warriors I asked for more, I wanted to do more, my body wanted a bit more training.

Step by step I did more minutes. Over the months I learned his Qi Gong style, I joined every Satsang, I used healing sounds.

This does not mean I did a lot every day – I stayed on track, even when sick or very busy because I did something ( and it could be as small as doing five healing sounds) every day – no matter what.

What did I get from doing it ?

  • Relaxation: I feel relaxed whenever I want – I use the techniques and drop back – which gives me the opportunity to handle situations and stress in  a calm way and most of the time problems resolve elegantly
  • Strength: I feel stronger in my body – and I love my body. I love doing my training, I am addicted to it in a positive way, because I feel so good afterwards. I even get up earlier and I wasn’t even a morning person.
  • Joy: I enjoy every day, just because I am alive and now see this as the greatest gift there is.

Yes, I have good and bad days, that’s part of being human – it’s my perception and reaction that completely changed.

It’s difficult to put in words – you have to see for yourself.

Now, this month you have the chance to try Barefoot Doctors stuff for free: he’s doing an online adventcalendar with 24 gifts here

Give it a try – feel it, you’ll know if it’s for you.

P.S. in case you’re wondering: money was showing up, too, as a nice side-effect, and money still flows into my life.

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