Grey Sunday

The last Sunday of November – and the first advent.

Outside it has been grey, dark and very windy. Time to cuddle on the sofa, to knit, to cook a nice hot meal.

This weekend is also the first Christmas market weekend – and we have one at the castle, crowded – with a nice touch.

The other one in town will run until Christmas Eve and it’s extremely commercial, the same stuff offered every year, not so christmassy at all. When you visit this market after dark – because of the lights – be prepared for drunk people at one of the hugest stalls, or to be crushed in the crowd.

This doesn’t make me feel like Christmas time at all.

For me this time means meeting friends, family – celebrating and sharing our joy, to be alive, to love – that’s the spirit.

To get into this spirit and to relax through this time, no matter how stressed and exhausting your environment is, no matter if you are into Christmas or not – I offer my “24 Days To Christmas” e-course for free.

We start on December 1 – you can still sign up here.


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