It’s not about Paris

It’s about us. Every single one of us, as part of the human family.

This attack shocked me, yes, it felt close to home as I live closer to Paris as I live to Berlin. Two hours by train and I am in Paris.

Then I looked at pictures from Beirut and they shocked me, too.

No matter where these terrorists strike, I can feel the hurt, anger – and then we seem to remember that we have a “weapon” that is much more powerful: love and compassion.

We start coming together, we pray or not, we help each other through this – mourning together, standing up together, facing the fear – but not giving in.

I have friends all over this beautiful planet, and no matter where they live – Shanghai, Copenhagen, London, top name a few- and they feel the same.

Hiding is no option, being afraid is no option – love is our weapon of choice.

Loving life deeply, feeling the joy of being alive – now more than ever.

To be honest I was feeling my course I promoted yesterday a bit too small in the face of events – until it occured to me that small things are the most important now. Carrying on with our lives and enjoying life, being relaxed and share the love., keeping out hearts wide open.

So, if you like to relax through December and get a surprise email in your inbox every day: you can get it here.

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