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Today I found myself in a discussion about whether to go to the office X-mas party, who is supposed to work during the holidays and whether we’ll get a gratification or not.

Typical end-of-year talk, still avoiding the C-word – and we all know: It’ll be Christmas – sooner than we thought, again.

Christmas is coming … and it’s approaching fast.

Do you feel stressed ? A bit anxious?

Don’t feel the joy anymore? Don’t have much time?

All the money you need to spend on gifts and all the parties and family gatherings?

You’re not into Christmas but sucked in every year?

So no matter if you love or hate it, you just can’t escape it!

This is the reason I created my “24 Days To Christmas” e-course – and I am sharing it with you for free.

24 Emails and an audio introduction, that helps you discover what it is you really want.

24 emails, one each day, starting on December 1st, with easy to follow exercises and tools.

Some very practical, some with a little magic inside.

It will be fun and give you the whatever you need right now: peace, clarity, focus, playfulness, simple joy.

We will have a  secret Facebook group to connect, share and ask questions.

It’s free and we are starting on December 1st.

Sign up here – only 16 days to go!

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