Being the odd one out

This weekend I’ll re-unite with the guys I studied engineering with, ages ago, in the eighties and early nineties.

I love how we all evolved over time, I love meeting them – with  or without their partners.

We’ve known each other for more than 30 years now. I thought I knew these guys and especially one of them I was close friends with at university.

So I was excited – only two more sleeps.

Today we had the third day of a heatwave with 37 degrees and it will continue over the weekend, maybe even 40 degrees, so very hot, even for south-west Germany.

My friends organized a winetasting for Saturday afternoon, followed by a “Biergarten”, when we started to plan things in June.

Realizing that I might be one of the few or even the only one who stopped drinking alcohol some time ago, I asked for alternatives.

No way I am going to drink, even if I hadn’t stopped – I never drank alcohol during a heatwave. I knew I would collapse in the worst case or have a bad headache the following day. So for me it’s completely logical.

I am no saint, no holy woman. I have had my share of wine and beer and cocktails in this lifetime. I had long nights in my favourite pub, and I enjoyed it. Now I enjoy many other things a lot more: having a clear head in the morning, feeling refreshed and energized and able to do my training.

So imagine my surprise when one of my oldest friends answered my email (and not just to me but included other people) with the words “EPIC FAIL – no alcohol, that’s not going to work” and more like that. Maybe he thought it is funny. I don’t know.

I just thought how difficult it is to be different, even after so many years – and this is just an example.

Lucky me – I always enjoyed being the odd one out, so this re-union will still  be fun.

Let me know when you were the odd one out and how you felt, if you like.

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