I am doing it again

It’s July 1st today and July is the month for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

This means 31 posts in 31 days, to create a habit.

I did it last year with lots of time, had lots of new ideas – now I am busier than ever, but let’s try this anyway.

It’s a challenge, right?

You may have noticed that my blog was hibernating, sort of. I am always thinking of my blog, during the day, no matter how stressful life is, this blog is still part of my life. So this month I’ll re-vive this place, share the thoughts about my ever-changing life and writing. I am going to publish all those posts I’ve written in my head.

Share thoughts and tools that helped me on my path.

Share ideas and hope you’ll enjoy it and give me feedback along my way.

So, here I am – see you tomorrow.

One thought on “I am doing it again

  1. That’s so fab, great to hear from you and from someone from the Challenge last year. Life has moved on in so many ways for me, for the better completely, and the Challenge was part of that but not the result. I look forward to you sharing again, thank you , Ceri x

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