My 2015 Word

Instead of NewYear’s resolutions, that fail for most people, I am setting an intention for the year by choosing a word.

Last year my word was “adventure” and little did I know when I chose my word in January what adventures life would bring.

I was moving -and moved by life- forward into unknown situations with someone I never met before. I learned to trust life, to trust the flow and I tried many new projects, met new people who became friends. I even started a new job.

This year I wanted  “adventure part 2” – and thought about the meaning of it all, thought about the setting I’d love to have, the projects I want to try and play with . and very fast I was clear about my word: creativity.

For me that means exploring my talents, writing a lot more, daily if possible (and I’ll make it possible), play a bit with my style, try new ways to play with my voice, maybe write lyrics, who knows.

Creativity for me also means to handle situations and challenges in my own way. To create solutions, to bring fresh ideas into the world.

And last but not least my crafty side as knitter wants to play with colours and tectures to relax and have fun. Part of me wants to try drawing and painting. Another part wants to play with styles and clothes and colours.

So 2015 will be an adventure in daily creative acts.

What’s your word for 2015?

One thought on “My 2015 Word

  1. Adventure and creativity are awesome values, too. I found your blog on the Facebook Ultimate blog challenge and see that you are on wordpress as I am. I am happy to follow and read more 🙂 Cheers to a creative New Year!

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