Relaxed through Christmas

It’s launch day and there we are.After a lot of non-project stress and a lot of fiddling and thinking and rewriting and whatever I did:

here’s part 1 of my first e-course: “Relaxed through Christmas”:

Christmas is coming … and it’s approaching fast.

Do you feel stressed like every year? A bit anxious?

Don’t feel the joy anymore? Don’t have much time?

All the money you need to spend on gifts and all the parties and family gatherings?

You’re not into Christmas but sucked in every year?

This e-course will get you relaxed and joyful again and you only need 6 minutes a day.

Easy to follow exercises and tools will not only make it fun but give you the whatever you need right now: peace, clarity, focus, playfulness, simple joy.

Day 1 – 6 as pdfs and an audio file. It may not be perfect, but I needed to get it out there.

I need feedback and I am giving this first part away for free, so you can have a “test drive” if you don’t know it’s for you or not.

You can simply sign up by writing me an email:

2 thoughts on “Relaxed through Christmas

  1. This sounds superb and a perfect approach to Christmas. I’m in! What a great idea to step into the holidays with this. Can’t wait to try it out now! Wishing you so much success wit this great course.

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