It’s been thirty years…

..since I left school. I am going to a class reunion tonight.

I am so excited. Most of us haven’t seen each other for five years – our last meet-up- or longer. Some of them I haven’t met since 1984, some of my mates from school didn’t show up since then.

We were around ninety people and most times we have reunions with thirty to fourty people. Those who still feel connected, who keep organizing and mailing.

One of my friends won’t be here tonight for the first time since we left school – she has moved to Shanghai for the next years. I met her in summer, when we meet our friends from university.

Still she told us she’ll be back in five years. Our bonds are very strong.

And something else occured to me today: we don’t have to pretend at these meetings. Last time one of the guys started to tell a story, put on his mask and the woman next to him just told him to be who he really is. It worked.

So I am excited and happy – no pretending, no masks, just a night out with some of my oldest friends.

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