Getting unstuck

Over the last weeks I felt trapped in my new job, like it was eating up too much of my precious time.

I had so many plans, writing regularly, developing my coaching skills, take vocal lessons – and none of it happened, yet.

I was tired and procrastinating, until I felt I have to change something, I have to move forward no matter what.

I don’t know whether you are stuck, too. Or if you feel trapped in a day job and your inner artist, your inner writer is starving.

I know I need the experience of a group, a fixed timeframe and a good coach. I started this blog as part of the 30 Day Challenge in June.

I finshed a script for a short film and started blogging. The feeling of really doing it, of finishing something was incredible.

Now the Challenge will run again, starting on November 1st.

Usually I hate sales stuff and recommendations, but this is different – I recommend doing this if you feel you are stuck, you have been making plans, maybe for years now, and are not moving in the way of your dreams. If you want to start doing what you love and even earn money doing it, this is for you.

John Williams, the author of “Screw Work let’s play” and his team will get you going and a group of 250 people from all over the world is great to support each other.

If you want more information, here’s the place to go: 30 Day Challenge

(The information page goes live today at noon BST. )

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