Autumn is here

The mornings are still relatively warm, today 14 degrees Celsius – but it’s windy and makes you feel the chill.

Some mornings there’s this fog, that lifts when I go to work – the leaves are glittering with morning dew and the light is different.

The first thing I noticed is how early it’s getting dark this week, how early I feel tired, feel the need to be at home.

I love the change of seasons, I love the colours of autumn, I even love the rain – reminds me to make time for cozy evenings on the sofa, knitting time, reading time, time for hot cocoa and tea.

Time to enjoy long walks before winter is coming (couldn’t resist, love Game of Thrones), time to feel the wind on my face.

Time to prepare for winter – baking and cooking, meeting friends -fall was always the time for me where I had many projects and met lots of new people.

Time to go and see a movie, time to stay at home and cuddle. Time for candles and scents.

Autumn is here and I am enjoying it’s beauty.

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